Sportclub defends title again in Erste Liga

Sportclub defends title again in Erste Liga

The Lajos Vákár Ice Rink was packed to capacity during Saturday night, which is not surprising, as all the fans were ready to see their favorites win the clash and defend their title at the same time. Before the start, the hall chanted the name of Alpár Salló, who was recovering from a serious injury, and Gergő Nagy, who committed an irregular collision against him, was greeted with a whistle concert.

The puck was thrown by sports minister Eduárd Novák, and then the big match could come, which the Sportklub apparently started with determination, and Skachskov took the lead for the blue and whites in the second minute. The first third was essentially dominated by the defending champion, with the exception of the nearly four-minute period during which Fradi played in the human lead due to a 2 + 2 minute penalty from Kuljas. The next goal was to wait until the 19th minute, when after the exhibition of Hajós, Stach's shot on Osegh's skates changed direction in the Golden Cage. The hit was validated by the referees after the video. The band from Miercurea Ciuc led to 2–0 after 20 minutes.

In the 28th minute, Fowlie and Tamminen sat on the penalty room at the same time, and the double-headed advantage was taken by Skachkov, the golden helmet from Csík. At 3–0, the mood swelled, Láday and Szilárd Rokaly from the Hungarian side, Kóger from Fradi and Heli came to the fate of the exhibition. The substantial part of the match was finally decided in the early third quarter, when Stach raised the number of goals for the Sports Club to 4, followed by another double home advantage, which was exploited by the blue-and-whites with Sofron’s bomb. From here, the game was over, the audience and the home team were waiting for the end and the award ceremony, and Ferencváros was beautified to the advantage of the team captain through Nergő Nagy. In the 55th minute, a puck from the wind bounced into Adorjan's goal from a Csíki player, making it 5-2.

In the end, spectators could see smaller, bigger brawls and final exhibitions were recorded, but no one was interested in that anymore. He said “the hall is buzzing, here’s the champion”. The festive mood was not worsened by the fact that Gergő Nagy changed the position to 5–3 25 seconds before the end. Then the last seconds passed, the cloudless celebration could come, the winner of the Erste League sports club in Miercurea Ciuc again!

The Blue and White people of Csík won the gold medal in the Erste League and previously in MOL Liga for the fourth time after the 2010-2011 triumph under the name HSC Miercurea Ciuc, then the 2020 championship shared with Ferencváros.

Hockey, Erste Liga, playoffs, match 5: Miercurea Ciuc Sports Club – FTC-Telekom 5–3 (2–0, 1–0, 2–3). Scorers: Yevgeny Skachkov (2nd and 29th minutes), Tamás Részegh (19th), David Stach (42nd), István Sofron (50th) and Gergő Nagy (53rd, 60th), Tamminen Juhani (55th) )
Shots on goal: pp. 41-29.
Exhibition minutes: 18-102.
The duel was won by the Sports Club 4-1.