Sportclub won by four goals against Ferencvaros in Budapest

Sportclub won by four goals against Ferencvaros in Budapest

The Miercurea Ciuc Sports Club regained its track advantage in the final of the hockey Erste League. The people of Szeklerland won 5–1 in the home of Ferencváros on Tuesday evening, so they lead 2: 1 in the duel that lasted until the fourth success of one of the parties. Continue Wednesday night.

In front of a full house, the third match of the Erste Liga hockey final in the Tüskecsarn in Budapest started in a terrifying mood on Tuesday afternoon, and both teams were encouraged by a crowded support camp on the spot. A group of local patriots from Miercurea Ciuc who left for the match.

Both teams were incomplete, Gergő Nagy, who was banning his three-round ban, did not step on the ice for the Hungarians, and the injured Alpár Salló and Tihamér Becze, who were banned for one round, did not enter the ice.

The second part of the game started with two goals in Csíki, in the 25th minute, in four games against four, Gecse's long shot got into the top corner next to the concealed fradis goalkeeper (1-2), and a minute later Stach broke into the defensive third of the home team. fired and struck the bouncer into the net with the same back (1–3). There was a forced break, and in the 29th minute, a plexiglass near one of the planks broke in a collision, and it took a good ten minutes to replace it.

Until the second break, the Sportklub defended two human disadvantages and the Fradi showed one, after two-thirds a two-goal advantage in Szeklerland

Csíki also started the third part of the game, in the 43rd minute Kuljas shot another bomb shot into the goal of Gergely Arany (1-4). There were many exhibitions in the remaining minutes,

Fradi rushed in the hair, firing a lot for the goal, but Attila Adorján, the goalkeeper from Csíkí, was well defended.

In the last minutes, both teams asked for time, sending a field player on the ice instead of the Fradi goalkeeper. 81 seconds before the end, a penalty shot was sent in favor of Ferencváros for moving Láday's goal, but Adorján defended Tamminen's attempt. In the last minute, Reisz set the final score to 5-1 with an empty goalkeeper.

The confident victory is due to the excellent use of the position of the Sportklub and the excellent performance of the goalkeeper Attila Adorján.

It was not sporty that after the match, when the fans sang the Szekler anthem, the organizers loudly “forgot” the music ...

Szabolcs Fodor, head coach of FTC-Telekom: “If you want to win a final, you have to play well for 60 minutes. I think we didn’t play well for 60 minutes today and we didn’t fight to the best of our knowledge for 60 minutes. It takes a lot more to beat a team full of KHL stars and legionnaires of that quality. You have to work a lot harder so that if you want to earn something, you have to skate a lot more and give more to each exchange. Play with your heart, fight better and do it for 60 minutes, no fairy tales. We have to find a way to do that tomorrow. ”

Rico Rossi, head coach of the Sports Club: “I really enjoyed the match today, we left very little opportunity for the opponent to create a goal situation, we defended well. In each row, all five of our players worked great together, they moved well, but I think that’s where the key to success lies. Everyone has to do their thing, if necessary, in defense, if necessary, in attack, we did it uniformly today. We wanted to generate a lot of traffic in front of the gate because we had to face a very good goalkeeper, that was part of our tactic.

Hockey Erste Liga, final, third match:

FTC – Telekom – Miercurea Ciuc Sports Club 1–5 (1–1, 0–2, 0–2)
Goals: Dávid Kóger (7th) and Kuljas Gyenisz (10th and 43rd) , Tamás Láday (25th), David Stach (26th) and Áron Reisz (60th).
Shots on target: 44-25.
Penalties: 20-20
Referees: Vladimir Babic and Dániel Rencz, Ferenc Norbert Muzsik and Brown Little King.

In a duel that lasts until the fourth success of one of the teams, the Sports Club leads to 2: 1 overall.

The series will continue on Wednesday at 7.30 pm in the Tüskecsarn in Budapest. The final dates of the final are April 9, (and if necessary) 11 and 13.