Sportclub defends title again in Erste Liga

The Lajos Vákár Ice Rink was packed to capacity during Saturday night, which is not surprising, as all the fans were ready to see their favorites win the clash and defend their title at the same time. Before the start, the hall chanted the name of Alpár Salló, who was recovering from a serious injury, and Gergő Nagy, who committed an irregular collision against him, was greeted with a whistle concert.

Skachkov awarded for the best Forward of Erste Liga

Yevgeni Skachkov won the Best Forward title in Erste Liga season 2021-2022. This season managed to score 25 goals and 37 assists in the regular season, in total 62 points finishing second in points (Behind Christopher Bodo, Gheorgheni's player). In the Play-off he managed to score 9 goals and 10 assists, in total 19 points. During this season he managed to score 82 points and won the Best Forward title.

David Stach won the MVP title for 2021-2022 Erste Liga Play-off

David Stach managed to win the MVP title by scoring the most points in the Play-off, by scoring 8 goals and assisted 17 goals, having 25 points in total.

Sportclub won again against Ferencvaros, one step away from the Erste Liga title

Defending champion Csíkszereda Sports Club also won its second match in Budapest at the home of the Hungarian champion Ferencváros in the final of the hockey Erste League. The people of Csíkí won 4–2 on Wednesday night and lead the duel to 3: 1, which lasted until the fourth success of one of the parties.

Sportclub won by four goals against Ferencvaros in Budapest

The Miercurea Ciuc Sports Club regained its track advantage in the final of the hockey Erste League. The people of Szeklerland won 5–1 in the home of Ferencváros on Tuesday evening, so they lead 2: 1 in the duel that lasted until the fourth success of one of the parties. Continue Wednesday night.

Update on Sallo Alpar's injury

After the horrific incident that Alpar has suffered, the team got some great news about player 55.

Becze Tihamer gets suspended for one match

According to the decision of the hockey Erste Liga disciplinary committee, Tihamér Becze, the striker of the guests, who was banned from the round, cannot play in the Ferencváros – Sportklub match on Tuesday night.

The Ferencvaros's player who caused the injury gets a 3 game suspension

The first meeting was played by Gergő Nagy, a player of the Ferencváros hockey team. He will no longer be able to be in the Erste Liga final at Saturday’s and the next meeting.

Sportclub tied Ferencvaros TC in the Erste Liga finals

Host Csíkszereda Sportklub won the second match of the Erste Liga hockey final. The Szeklerland guard crushed Ferencváros on Saturday afternoon, so the final position was 1: 1. The duel will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday in Budapest.

Sallo Alpar's heavy injury

In the first match, player 55, Sallo Alpar suffered a horror injury. He was hit and pushed by the Ferencváros TC's player, Gergő Nagy.

Sportclub lost the first match in the Erste Liga Finals

The final of the hockey Erste Liga started with the guest victory of Ferencváros, the Greens won 5–1 in Miercurea Ciuc on Friday night. Unfortunately, Alpár Salló, the defender of the Hungarians, suffered a serious injury in the match. The first match of the final brought a tough clash